Born in 1963, Andre Dagfinn Skorge, from Cape Town South Africa, paints predominantly in acrylic on canvas.

His official studies in fine art were at Cape Technikon in 1985 / 86. This besides a number of part time courses.
In 1986 he was the first recipient of the bursary from the South African Association of the Arts. Juggling between so called "safer" employment and part time painting, he eventually committed to being a full-time artist in 2003.

Dagfinn's works are expressive, abstracted images. As if they demand theatre, and beyond mere interior decorations, they are similar to the artist in that they enjoy both space and light. He paints without respite, out of necessity, driven by a sense of urgency, for himself and others. The content of these paintings, which often incorporate the four elements, are sometimes psychological, sometimes ecological, sometimes spiritual, sometimes existential, sometimes...

...But always to be savored visually, regardless of
the viewers interest of conceptual cognition.
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